18 March 2012

Wisdom Teeth, and my NCAA Bracket

Wisdom teeth  suck!  Today is Sunday, and I had mine removed on Wednesday at about 8:00 in the morning, along with two other molars.  Thank God that I was given 3 days of "quarters", meaning I didn't have to do anything involving work.  Then, after my 3 days were up, it was a weekend, so I did not have to go into work.  Essentially I have been given 5 days to recover.  I have a phenomenal wife who allowed me to be lazy and whine like a little baby, and she took great care of me.  Here it is though, Sunday at about 5:00pm, and I am still in pain.  I don't know if there is a dry socket, or an infection of some sort, or what, but I have done everything that I was instructed to do in order to prevent those things from happening.  I am thinking that it just hurts.

That having been said, being laid up in bed has allowed me to mourn my horrible selections in the 2012 NCAA Basketball Bracket. So far, I have lost one of my Final Four selections (Mizzou, whom I had losing in the finals), but the other 7 in my Elite 8 are still alive.  I am still competitive with JDaddy, CDog and the 4-year-old, but given the way my early rounds have gone, I don't hold out much hope for pulling it off.

At least I'm not like 8 people from the ESPN bracket challenge.  According to a Mike Greenberg (@ESPNGreeny) tweet, there were 8 people who got every single first round choice wrong.  Click on that link to find the featured brackets of Lebron, Dicky-V, Nick "Used to be married to Jessica Simpson but then I upgraded" Lachey, Phil "The Poker Brat" Hellmuth, and yes, your bracketologist-in-chief, President Obama.  If you selected your own, then take a minute to see where you stand amongst the celebs.

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