11 March 2012

My 2012 NCAA Bracket Preview

For the first time in years, I am interested in the NCAA Basketball tourney enough to fill out a bracket. I don't know if being in the high desert, away from all sports, for a month allowed a little more room come March, or what. But for this year, I have filled out a bracket, and am excited to see if my extremely illogical, not-at-all-expert, uninformed selections pan out. Tomorrow I will post my round-by-round selections. However, just for tonight, I will say that I have a few upsets in the early rounds, but my final four appears to be a strong contender for legitimate. It involves top seeds. One of which is a team with a senior who played for the Junior College I used to work for. I didn't have much to do with recruiting him, but I did walk through the steps to admissions with his mom and him when the coach brought him in on a recruiting trip. His new team is a favorite of mine, but not my selection to win it all. So, tomorrow, I will lay it all out, and I hope all 4 of you that stumble across this page will eagerly await that post.

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