08 March 2012

Pacific Northwest Weather

Things are a little different up here than what I am used to. We moved to Tacoma, WA in September of 2011 because I was assigned to Joint-Base Lewis McChord, formerly Fort Lewis, WA. What they say about the Seattle / Tacoma area is true. It rains almost every day. Many times since September I have wondered why anyone would choose to live here. Then, just as things are too dreary to handle, you get a day like today. I don't know if the pretty days seem prettier because of how few of them there are, or if it really is just this awesome.

I love Texas, even the hotter than Hell summers, but no day in all my years in Texas has ever come as close to the weather today in Tacoma.

If you have ever visited the area, and you didn't get a day like today, I feel sorry for you. It makes all those dreary, rainy days seem tolerable. I never get tired of looking at "the mountain", Mount Rainier. When it is as clear as it is today, nothing could ever look as regal and majestic as that 12,000 foot volcano standing watch over the entire region. I have included a picture, but if you have ever experienced a real view of Mount Rainier, you know that this picture does it no justice.

Make a point to visit in the late spring or summer (when the locals say you get more days like this than rainy days), so that you too can enjoy God's work.

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