12 March 2012

2012 East, Midwest Regions Selections and Final Four Selections


Round of 64

Syracuse over NC Asheville
Southern Miss over Kansas State
Vanderbilt over Harvard
Wisconsin over Montana
Cincinnati over Texas
Florida State over St. Bonaventure
Gonzaga over West Virginia
Ohio St over Loyola (MD)

Round of 32

Syracuse over Southern Miss
Vandy over Wisconsin
Florida St over Cincinnati
Gonzaga over Ohio St

Sweet 16

Syracuse over Vandy
Florida St over Gonzaga

Elite 8

Syracuse over Florida St

Syracuse is the only 1 seed that I have going to the final four.


Round of 64

North Carolina over Lamar
Alabama over Creighton
Temple over Cal
Michigan over Ohio
San Diego St over NC State
Georgetown over Belmont
Purdue over St Mary's
Kansas over Detroit

Round of 32

NC over Bama
Temple over Michigan
Georgetown over San Diego St
Kansas over Purdue

Sweet 16

NC over Temple
Kansas over Georgetown

Elite 8

Kansas over NC

Yes, that means I have three Big XII teams in the final four, but I have no particular bias toward that or any conference. I truly gave no thought to their conference while making selections. With that said, here is my ...


Mizzou over Baylor
Syracuse over Kansas

2012 NCAA Championship Game

Syracuse over Mizzou
With my score tie breaker at 77-65.

I think the depth of Syracuse and Boeheim's experience will carry them through the tournament and to an NCAA championship. I have loved watching the Pressey brothers and the other 5 regular players for Mizzou. Their fast paced, high pressure style of play will get them to the finals, but not quite to the top.

I'm sure that after the first round my bracket will be torn to shreds, nevertheless, today, I feel confident in my picks.

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